About the Journal

The AsiaCALL Online Journal [ACOJ]  (ISSN 1936-9859) is a fully peer-reviewed international publication of AsiaCALL, the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning. It is an Open Access journal in the sense that it makes its contents available to all with no restriction.

Focus and Scope
The purpose of this international peer-reviewed online Open Access journal is to advance international scholarship and pedagogic practice in the area of Computer-Assisted Language-Learning (CALL) or Technology-Enhanced Language-Learning (TELL). The journal is multidisciplinary, international, multi-paradigmatic, and multicultural in scope and welcomes original contributions from all points in the theoretical spectrum.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) or Technology-Enhanced Language-Learning (TELL) is defined as any scholarship and pedagogical practice from researchers and practitioners, which values and gives priority to the uses of modern technology in language/culture learning and teaching across all learning settings. While the primary focus of the journal is the enhancement of language-learning (in all its forms, including culture) and teaching, the journal may accept contributions where the focus may not be language in the strict sense, provided the submitted material could, arguably, contribute to language-learning and teaching in due course.

Different approaches to CALL/TELL have emerged since the beginnings of the “modern era” of CALL/TELL in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Of critical importance to the field is the notion that CALL/TELL is essentially an intellectual matter and not a technical one. As a consequence, diverse perspectives are welcomed despite the possibility of irreconcilable contradictions and disagreements between them. Creating a space for collision between conflicting ideologies and practices should nurture the development of an intellectual setting where important questions and tensions will emerge as scholars across this burgeoning field provide rich, valuable and different perspectives on the problematic of CALL/TELL. This deliberate focus on difference will help ward off intellectual stagnation: the greatest danger we face in a world where quality education demands more creative and divergent thinking than ever before.

The AsiaCALL OnLine Journal is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary publication located within, across and between the Humanities, the Social Sciences (including Education/Pedagogy) and Information/Computer Technology as well as other developing technologies. It accepts theoretical and practical contributions, including intellectual/conceptual research as well as data-driven research, book and software reviews, reflective notes and commentaries.

Finally, in keeping with making research available rapidly to the community, the journal accepts contributions at any time of the year and will seek to publish accepted articles within a period of eight weeks from the time of receipt.

All contributors and readers with an interest in broadly-defined and dynamic perspectives on CALL/TELL and closely-related areas are warmly welcomed.

Section Policies


  1. Purely conceptual and/or methodological papers;
  2. Intellectual and empirical research;
  3. Description of and reflection on innovative educational practices related to CALL/TELL;
  4. “Special issue” – collections of thematically-related papers.


  • Ania Lian  (Editor-in-chief)