Teachers’ acceptance level in using technology in the classroom


  • Anuratha Kanniah Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation


Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Behavior Intention (BI), Behavior Usage (BU), Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU)


The success rate on implementation of ICT in the education system is pre-determined by the school teachers’ acceptance in applying technology in the teaching and learning process. It is important to find out the readinessof the drivers of ICT usage at schools to ensure successful transformation in implementing the ICT policy in the Malaysianeducation system. Thus, the aim of the present research was to find out the readiness level of the government school teachers in integrating technology in teaching. A quantitative research design was employed in responding to the research questions. Data were randomlycollected from 50 student teachers who teach at schools in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, Malaysia. A questionnaire survey was used to collect data pertinent to the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) containing questions related to demographic profile and Lik ert scale measuring variables on Behavior Intention(BI) and Behavior Usage(BU) and Perceived Ease of Use(PEOU). The SPSS findings for this research demonstrateda significant relationship between PU, BU and PEOU. Recommendations such as trainings to be provided and digitised materials to be designed have been emphasised. This research contributes to e-learning literature, as well as to content developers. Furthermore, the research also has shed lightonto many opportunities for future research.




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