Microsoft Teams in the context of freshmen ELF learning


  • Mai Thi Thanh Tran Van Lang University


attitudes, Microsoft Teams, benefits, drawbacks, implications


The aim of this research paper is to determine how Microsoft teams worked when teaching the first-year English at Van Lang University through the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft Teams is a new application used by the university, and this paper reports on the experience of using it for other colleagues to critique and improve on. The sample for this study consisted of eighty freshmen selected from four classes. A set of questionnaires with fifteen Likert-scale items together with interviews served as instruments for data collection. The findings demonstrated that using Microsoft Teams for teaching and learning was an effective way to keep learning activities going on. In general, despite some inconveniences with the technological problems, the students were eager to a new means of learning but did not make good use of this collaboration tool in their learning. Also, the research paper results reveal that the participants possessed positive attitudes towards the benefits of using Microsoft Teams in online learning. In contrast, they expressed an unfavorable perspective on the drawbacks of using this tool respectively.




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