Improving English Speaking Ability Through E-Learning


  • Ai Anh Thu Su Van Lang University
  • Thi Xuan Tu Cao Van Lang University
  • Do Lam Vy Le Van Lang University
  • Le Ngoc Trinh Nguyen Van Lang University
  • Thi Lan Anh Nguyen Van Lang University


E-learning, speaking ability, traditional learning, EFL


E-learning is an alternative approach to education, which mentions the utilization of information and transmission technologies to allow the way to online learning. Many previous studies have compared E-learning with face-to-face learning to determine the benefits and drawbacks of each method and see if they could substitute the other. However, few studies examined whether e-learning affects English as Foreign Language (EFL) in speaking skill; some were successful in investigating, but some were not. In order to fill this gap, this study demonstrates the effectiveness of e-learning in improving English speaking ability. The researchers used a random sampling method with twenty questionnaires and five questions to interview to achieve the goal. Participants were fifty junior students of the Faculty of Foreign Language who had two years of experience of studying speaking skills at Van Lang University (VLU) in Ho Chi Minh City. The procedure of collecting results lasted two weeks, and data collection was analyzed based on the results presented in the chart. These findings shed light on the difficult factor students encountered when speaking English and highlight development-speaking ability progression via E-learning.




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Su, A. A. T., Cao, T. X. T., Le, D. L. V., Nguyen, L. N. T., & Nguyen, T. L. A. (2021). Improving English Speaking Ability Through E-Learning. AsiaCALL Online Journal, 12(2), 58-71. Retrieved from