A Study on Collaborative Online Learning among EFL Students in Van Lang University (VLU)


  • Thi Xuan Trang Bui Van Lang University
  • Yen Nhi Ha Van Lang University
  • Thi Bao Uyen Nguyen Van Lang University
  • Vy Uyen Thanh Nguyen Van Lang University
  • Thi Cam Thuy Ngo Van Lang University


online learning, collaborative learning, learning in group, working in group


The study investigates the benefits and drawbacks that EFL students met when they studied in a group online at Van Lang University. This is based on the theoretical framework of Laila Rawahi and Abdu Mekhlafi (2015). This study was conducted with 60 students from first-year students to seniors majoring in foreign languages at Van Lang University (VLU) and already experienced online learning. They answered a questionnaire to point out what they faced when working in a group via the Internet. The results show that while some students find collaborative virtual learning methods beneficial in terms of distance and the elimination of time and financial border, other ELF students had trouble in interaction and concentration.

Moreover, findings suggest that some technical problems such as the Internet connection and weak computer skills still play a main threat, leading to controversial issues between teammates. Moreover, some distractions such as social media, noisy outside environment, and talkative members also influence the learning progress. It is implied from the study that e-learning is such an evolution in education; however, it is not effective for learning in a group online. The purpose of this study will suggest some upsides and downsides of online collaborative learning so that schools and lecturers can seek solutions to solve the problems and enhance the positive impacts of online collaborative learning.




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Bui, T. X. T., Ha, Y. N., Nguyen, T. B. U., Nguyen, V. U. T., & Ngo, T. C. T. (2021). A Study on Collaborative Online Learning among EFL Students in Van Lang University (VLU). AsiaCALL Online Journal, 12(3), 9-21. Retrieved from https://asiacall.info/acoj/index.php/journal/article/view/32