The Difference Effects of Paper Dictionaries vs. Online Dictionaries


  • Thi Lan Anh Trinh Van Lang University
  • Thi Kim Ngan Tran Van Lang University
  • Thuy Bao Ngoc Vo Van Lang University
  • Thi Thu Suong Huynh Van Lang University


paper, online, dictionaries, students, University, differences, benefit, advantages, effect


The dictionary helps to learn foreign languages more easily and, with the invention of the online dictionary, users are now better supported and more effectively. Therefore, many studies have been conducted to show the influence of paper dictionaries and online dictionaries on users and problems in using the two types of dictionaries. The present study was based on 300 junior students from Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City. The results illustrated that students had a strong preference for online dictionaries. The survey also found that most students use the dictionary regularly as an effective tool to improve their language levels when it comes to boosting the vocabulary bank. Finally, most students at Van Lang University tended to choose online dictionaries for learning new vocabularies, although some of them still do not deny the value of paper dictionaries.




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Trinh, T. L. A., Tran, T. K. N., Vo, T. B. N., & Huynh, T. T. S. (2021). The Difference Effects of Paper Dictionaries vs. Online Dictionaries. AsiaCALL Online Journal, 12(3), 28-38. Retrieved from