Vocational English Teachers’ Challenges on Shifting Towards Virtual Classroom Teaching


  • Ngoc Tue Hoang Hanoi University of Industry, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Duc Hanh Le Hanoi University of Industry


challenges, online teaching, virtual classroom, Covid19, teachers’ attitudes


The Covid19 pandemic has brought significant influences on every aspect of our lives and society. With the determination to keep learning continued during Covid19, education itself has innovated remarkably to adapt to the lockdown situation in many regions in Asia. Among those, shifting from traditional face-to-face classrooms into online learning has been considered the ultimate solution with tremendous approvals from all stakeholders. However, at some vocational institutions, the shifting to virtual classrooms has plenteous challenges to all involved partners. Since teachers are the keys to effective implementation of this shifting during Covid19, it is crucial to understand their challenges to the shifting towards virtual classroom teaching. This paper aims to investigate the attitudes of the English teachers in some vocational colleges in Vietnam and their challenges for transferring their face-to-face classrooms into online ones. This research collected the data from a questionnaire survey to 45 vocation English teachers at five vocational colleges and in-depth interviews with nine teachers. The findings would be presented to firstly identify the vocational English teachers' attitudes towards shifting to the virtual classroom. This research also revealed some challenges of teaching online classroom from the teachers' voices, such as students' and teachers' technology-competences, students' motivations, students' technical support, teachers' experiences, teachers' willingness, and institutions' purposes and strategies. Some practical suggestions will be presented for teachers on how to face and solve these challenges, specifically during and post Covid19 period.




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