Effectiveness of Multimedia and Text-Based Reading Approaches to Grade 10 Students’ Reading Comprehension Skills





Reading Comprehension Skill, Multimedia Reading, Text-based Reading


Reading Comprehension skill is essential for learners to achieve a certain standard level. It is multifaceted that it connects to all other skills like writing, listening, and speaking. Thus, the interconnectedness of reading and comprehension encapsulates the students’ overall reading abilities. The core of this study was to find out whether multimedia and text-based reading approaches are effective in improving Grade 10 students’ reading comprehension skills. The participants were 132 Grade 10 students in a public school in Misamis Oriental. Sixty-six (66) students were exposed to multimedia reading (experimental group) and sixty-six (66) students to text-based reading (control group). The study yielded the following findings: (1) Reading comprehension skills of both groups increased gradually in all reading comprehension components as revealed in the post-test data reflected in the overall mean; (2) there is a significant difference in all reading comprehension components Identifying vocabulary, Sequencing events, Identifying main idea and key details, and Making inferences; in the overall skills of both groups with the post-test having higher means; (3) both groups revealed a significant difference in the overall result increment. This study further claims that multimedia and text-based reading approaches contribute to the enhancement of the participants’ reading comprehension skills. For the suggestion, having a variety of techniques to teach reading will be quite beneficial to improve students’ reading comprehension skills, especially in this time of pandemic where alternative delivery modalities had been implemented.

Author Biography

Malyn Pahuyo Vidal, Department of Education, Philippines

My name is Malyn P. Vidal, I am a graduate of Master of Arts in Education major in teaching English communication arts and Bachelor of Arts in English Language. I am a licensed teacher with a teaching certificate, with many years of specialized training and work experience in public offices, government, education, office procedures, operations, and teaching. For the past years, I have been employed as a secondary public-school teacher, specifically teaching the English Language to Junior High School students, I also have experience teaching in senior high school. In addition, I exemplified my teaching expertise to improve foreign national students' English skills as an English for the second language teacher. A meticulous, driven, organized teacher, capable of managing tasks efficiently; believing that continuous learning is the key to professional development.


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