The Effectiveness of Using Technology in Learning English


  • Lam Kieu Van Van Lang University
  • Truc Anh Dang Van Lang University
  • Duc Bao Tran Pham Van Lang University
  • Thi Thanh Nga Vo Van Lang University
  • Vu Phi Ho Pham Van Lang University


Technology, learning English, the effectiveness of using technology, English skills


This study found out about the effectiveness of using technology in learning English. However, few studies have been shown the effectiveness of technology in all English skills: Speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Third-year students of the Foreign Language Department at Van Lang University participated in this study for 2 weeks. The questions revolve around learning English and using technology in learning English. The researchers will then collect all the data of the responses to come to general conclusions for the study. The goal of using technology in learning English brings a strong potential to enhance language skills for learners and promote the process of learning English quickly. After using technology in learning English, we will see the effectiveness of the four skills, and this effect is expressed as a percentage (30%, 50%, 80%) based on the results obtained from the questionnaires.




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Van, L. K., Dang, T. A., Pham, D. B. T., Vo, T. T. N., & Pham, V. P. H. (2021). The Effectiveness of Using Technology in Learning English. AsiaCALL Online Journal, 12(2), 24-40. Retrieved from