Applying mind maps as a teaching and learning strategy for ESP
Le Huong Hoa
Police University, Vietnam

Le Thi Hong Duyen
Haiphong Medical University, Vietnam


ESP teaching has become a growing trend and mainstream in Europe and advanced areas and regions in Asia. Though the importance of ESP teaching has come to be realized after long being ignored, the practice has not been quite satisfied (Dudley-Evans, 1998). In fact, ESP is still in the beginning period and many efforts have been made by researchers, educators, trainers and teachers in order to find better ways as well as initiatives to facilitate ESP teaching and learning. A question raised here is whether ESP is really difficult for students to grasp or the way we- as teachers- provide them with the knowledge of ESP is not interesting and effective enough to attract and get them close to the lessons. The problem has been actually voiced out in many researches about how to change the syllabi, how to integrate real-world materials in ESP classes, the roles of teachers and students, and many teaching and learning strategies as well. From the above situation, the study is designed to exploit possibilities of using Mind-map in ESP teaching and learning in the hope of improving the students' learning effectiveness.

Keywords: ESP, mind-map, teaching strategy, learning strategy

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