Dear beloved colleagues,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the teachers, educators, and researchers from 18 different countries who attended the 19th AsiaCALL International Conference hosted by the Hanoi University of Industry (HaUI), Ha Noi, Vietnam. The success of that conference has inspired us to host the 20th AsiaCALL International Conference (AsiaCALL2023), which will take place at University of Foreign Language Studies, The Da Nang University, Da Nang City, Vietnam on 25-26 November 2023. 

This year's conference will focus on "Artificial Intelligence and Critical Digital Literacies in Language Learning" and will provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights and experiences on this important topic. The conference will feature keynote speakers who are leading experts in the field of AI and language learning, as well as a variety of sessions, workshops, and poster presentations that cover a wide range of subthemes.

The AsiaCALL International Conference 2023 is open to all interested in applying AI, ChatGPT, Chatbot, Blended-learning, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Mobile-learning... and digital literacies in language learning, including researchers, teachers, administrators, and policymakers. The conference is an ideal platform to explore the latest developments in the field, share best practices, and forge collaborations with colleagues from around the world.

Submit your abstract now, and don't miss this opportunity to be part of a dynamic and engaging conference at University of Foreign Language Studies, The Da Nang University, Da Nang City, Vietnam, on 25-26 November 2023, that explores the intersection of language learning and artificial intelligence. We look forward to seeing you there!

Aims & Scope

The 20th AsiaCALL International Conference will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the field of CALL, especially the GPT AI, and will have a positive impact on language teaching and learning practices in Asia and beyond.

  1. To provide a platform for teachers, researchers, educators, and practitioners in the field of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) to share their knowledge and experiences, present their research findings and innovative ideas, and engage in scholarly dialogue.

  2. To foster collaboration and networking among professionals in the CALL community, including academics, industry experts, and policymakers, and encourage the exchange of best practices and emerging trends in the field.

  3. To explore the current state of technology integration in language teaching and learning, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT, virtual and augmented reality, mobile devices, and online platforms, and their impact on language education.

  4. To address the challenges and opportunities of teaching and learning languages in diverse cultural and linguistic contexts, including the use of CALL to support multilingualism, intercultural communication, and global competence.

  5. To contribute to the advancement of research in the field of CALL and enhance the quality of language teaching and learning through the dissemination of research findings, theoretical frameworks, and innovative pedagogical practices.

  6. To raise awareness about the potential benefits and challenges of using AI and digital technologies in language education and to foster discussions on ethical and social issues related to the use of technology in language learning.


Artificial Intelligence and Critical Digital Literacies in Language Learning

AI for Language Learning

AI and Language Teacher Education: Preparing Teachers for the Digital Age

AI, Chatbots and Language Learning

Game-Based Language Learning and AI

The Use of AI for Assessment and Feedback in Language Learning

Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

Learner Autonomy and AI for Language Learning

Online and Distance Language Learning

Intercultural Competence in Language Learning

Language Learning for Specific Purposes

Languages & Linguistics

Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Blended and online language learning

Important dates:

Abstract submission: 25 February 2023 – 30 June 2023

Notification of acceptance: 15 July 2023 to 30 July 2023

Participation confirmation/registration: 1 September 2023

Full paper submission: 15 September 2023

Conference Dates: 25-26 November 2023

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings will be published in the AsiaCALL Online Journal or the Proceedings of the AsiaCALL International Conference.  Alternately, the authors can choose to publish their papers in the Atlantis Press, part of Springer Nature, (with a separate publication fee of 189USD/paper).

Keynotes & Featured Talks

Presidential Keynote

Professor Dr. Andrew P. Lian

Professor of Foreign Language Studies, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam; Professor Emeritus, University of Canberra, Australia; President of AsiaCALL, the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language-Learning, a research and professional association focusing on the uses of technology to enhance second/foreign language learning in Asian contexts.
Biodata: (Orcid) (Scopus

Larry Chong Keynote Address

Professor Dr. Hayo Reinders

Dr. Hayo Reinders ( is a TESOL Professor and Director of the doctoral programme at Anaheim University in the USA. He is also Professor of Applied Linguistics (Adjunct) at King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thonburi, Thailand. Professor Reinders is Editor of the journal Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching (SSCI/Scopus Q1) (published by Taylor & Francis) and edits a book series on “New Language Learning and Teaching Environments”. He founded the Institute for Teacher Leadership. His interests are in teacher empowerment, learner autonomy, and educational technology.  
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In the news!

Dear beloved AsiaCALLers,

We are happy to inform you that Atlantis Press, part of Springer, has just issued the Proceedings of the 19th AsiaCALL2022. Congratulations to all those authors who have been waiting so long for this volume to come out. We also thank all presenters and participants who contributed their parts to make the AsiaCALL2022 successful.

You can see the online version from this link.

Google Book:


The 20th AsiaCALL International Conference (AsiaCALL2023) will be held this year at Da Nang City, University of Foreign Language Studies, The Da Nang University, Da Nang City, Vietnam, on 25-26 November 2023. The Theme for the conference this year is Artificial Intelligence and Critical Digital Literacies in Language Learning.

Joining this conference, you will have opportunities to take part in wonderful talks from valuable keynote and plenary speakers and get involved in plenty of workshops to learn experiences from those who have been employing ChatGPT, Python codes, or other forms of AI tools to improve research and language teaching.

We invite you to submit your abstract to the website link:

We wish to see you all in November at the 20th AsiaCALL International Conference.

Thank you very much

On behalf of the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (AsiaCALL)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Vu Phi Ho

Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Best regards!

Note: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through or Tel: (+84) 0906450401 (Mr. Vuong)