Conceptual Metaphor “Media is Fire”




conceptual metaphor; mapping; media; fire; teaching & learning


This study aims to explore the metaphorical concept of "MEDIA AS FIRE" in both Vietnamese and English from the perspective of Cognitive Linguistics. This research utilizes the Metaphor Identification Procedure of the Pragglejaz Group (2007), in conjunction with descriptive approaches, statistical analysis, and classification strategies, to scrutinize the conceptual metaphor "Media is Fire" and its underlying metaphors. A total of 193 metaphorical expressions from media discourse are examined (113 in Vietnamese and 80 in English), revealing three primary cognitive models: "Media is Heat," " The ability to transmit the energy of Media is the ability to transmit energy of Fire," and "Media is Burning," along with the mapping mechanism from the source domain to the target domain. Furthermore, this research emphasizes the similarities and differences in the conceptualization of fire-related metaphors between the two languages. The findings of this study offer valuable insights for teaching, learning, and translating conceptual metaphors, thereby enhancing cross-cultural communication skills for Vietnamese English learners."

Author Biography

Nguyen Luu Diep Anh, University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang, Vietnam

I currently serve as the Deputy Director of the Center for Information Technology & Learning Resources at University of Foreign Language Studies, the University of Da Nang. I am also pursuing a PhD in Linguistics at University of Education, the University of Da Nang. My interests encompass media, English language teaching at all levels, and communication/linguistics."


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Nguyen, L. D. A. (2023). Conceptual Metaphor “Media is Fire”. Proceedings of the AsiaCALL International Conference, 4, 63–74.

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