L2 CMC Motivation in Task-based Computer-mediated Communications
Pin-hsiang Natalie Wu
Chien-kuo Technology University, Taiwan

Wan-ting Chuang
National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan


The Internet and new technologies have enabled easy implementation of cross-cultural communications, which has also lead to new trends in L2 learning. Studies of computer-mediated communication competence are rich in content, but discussions regarding L2 language learning are rare. In recent theoretical discussions, Media factors, Message factors, Contextual factors including cultural background and Function of CMC, had correlatively influenced the Outcome of CMC interactions. However, the popularity of cross-cultural collaborative learning in English highlights the need for more attention to the possible ways to assess L2 learning via computer-mediated communication. In this study, second language CMC motivation (L2 CMC Motivation) serves as a major factor, corresponding with other factors in a cross-cultural, web-based activity oriented for English learning. This study emerged from a larger research project in which a L2 learning activity involving participants from Taiwan and Japan had exchanged ideas using a web platform communication tool established by Nicenet organization. The purpose of this paper is to understand how other factors involved in CMC interactions would correlate with L2 CMC Motivation on the side of Taiwanese students. Items adapted from Spitzberg’s (2006), were blended in a survey (Cronbach’s α=.902) to understand the correlation between the three factors to the major one L2 CMC Motivation. The results showed that the above four factors were strongly correlated. Among Message factors, expressiveness is especially related to L2 CMC Motivation. Regarding contextual factors, Patterns of behavior and Function also had significant influence on L2 CMC Motivation.

Keywords: computer-mediated communication competence (CMCC), CMC Motivation, L2 learning, cross-cultural, web-based

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