An Investigation into the Phenomena of Meaning Making and Wording in Non-Fiction Novel from Systemic Functional Linguistics




Grammatical metaphor, meaning-making resource, wording, application


In the light of Systemic Functional Linguistics, language is both a source of meaning-making and a source of wording modes in texts. To further clarify this ideology in practice, the article uses the phenomenon of wording in the non-fiction novel "Silent Spring" by Carson - the world's most famous female writer for her environmental protection works- for analysis aiming at teaching grammatical metaphor to the students of English at a University. The article briefly introduces the theory of Systemic Functional Linguistics, including the Grammatical metaphor (GM). Next, descriptive, qualitative, quantitative, and quasi-experimental methods are used with more than 200 samples selected to determine the relationship between the lexicogrammatical and semantic aspects in the impact of the context; the article pays special attention to congruent expressions and metaphorical expressions. Based on applying the quasi-experimental method to English classes of 373 students, the writers describe the three stages of teaching (GM), analyze the data related, and present research results. The conclusion consists of application suggestions in terms of language research and language education, such as reading, understanding, evaluating, and building relevant types of text.

Author Biographies

Gia Thi Tuyet Nhung, University of Science and Education - the University of Danang, Da Nang, Vietnam

Gia Thi Tuyet Nhung is a dedicated English teacher with more than 13 years of working full-time at Truong Chinh High School in Kon Tum, Vietnam. She received her MA degree in English linguistics from the University of Foreign Language Studies - Danang University. She is now a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Science and Education- Danang University. Her research focused on grammatical Metaphors in SFL in English and Vietnamese and how to apply linguistic advances to teaching Vietnamese learners effectively. Till now, her 10 researches have been published in national journals and international conference proceedings.

Phan Van Hoa, University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang, Vietnam

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Van Hoa is currently a Meritorious lecturer at the University of  Foreign Language Studies -Danang University.  He has taught and researched in language education and linguistics, especially for BA, MA and Ph. D programmes. He used to be Rector of the University of Foreign Language Studies (2004- 2014) and Dean of International Education (2014- 2016) - The University of Danang. His over 100 scientific papers were published in national and international journals and conferences. English education for young learners is one of the priority topics in his research at present.


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Gia, T. T. N., & Phan, V. H. (2023). An Investigation into the Phenomena of Meaning Making and Wording in Non-Fiction Novel from Systemic Functional Linguistics. Proceedings of the AsiaCALL International Conference, 4, 86–103.

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