Helping Language Learners Self-Review Learning Points and Gain Learning Expectation


  • Le Thi Trung Dinh Faculty of Foreign Languages, Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Self-review; Learning expectation; Writing skill


Revision after each lesson plays an essential role in enhancing learners’ English level, although it is sometimes neglected by students at the tertiary education level. Acknowledging learners’ difficulty in reviewing major learning points and their low expectations in classes of writing skills, I decided to apply a technique called “summary cards” to assist students in grasping the main points and logically connect their lessons for the whole picture of the subject. The act also aims at helping review for the final exam when students have to deal with a huge amount of knowledge in order to meet the requirements. Furthermore, a small act of the “summary card” was utilized to assist students in setting their learning goals and gaining their expectations and motivation, which was supposed to help improve both their level of writing and their attitudes towards learning writing skills.

After a 10-week course using “summary cards,” a class of 36 freshmen at a university showed positive attitudes towards the new measure introduced. It is possible in the future that they apply this new measure in other courses which require them to memorize various learning points.




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Le, T. T. D. (2021). Helping Language Learners Self-Review Learning Points and Gain Learning Expectation. Proceedings of the AsiaCALL International Conference, 621, 57–64.